Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are some of the most loved pets that people are looking forward to keeping. They are highly social, scent-marking, spinning, etc. They are also some of the most chubby looking animals which make anyone’s heart melt. There are a lot of interesting facts about guinea pigs that we do not.

They do not come from Guinea

This is one of the most common misconceptions about their names, but guinea pigs are not for Guinea rather are from the Andes region of South America. One of the main theories which suggest the reason for their name is they were brought to Europe by Spanish Explorers via Guinea in Africa.

Guinea in Africa

They are not related to pigs

Another myth which was brought in from their name is pigs. The male guinea pigs are called boars, and females are called Sows, although they are from rodents. Their scientific name is Cavia Porcellus which was referred to as cavies. They are named pigs due to the squeaky noises that they make.

They are not always good with rabbits

This is one of the most popular myth which says that guinea pigs love to stay with rabbits, but that is not the case. Rabbits and guinea pigs have two different needs and cannot be kept in the same enclosure. Rabbits also carry diseases which can be harmful to a guinea pig.

Rabbits and guinea pigs

They like to chat

Although guinea pigs enjoy the human encounter, they love to have interactions with their kind. They communicate using different noises and can have a specific call which is a sign of excitement. They are also known to make this low purring sound which is something they do when they are chilled out.

They use scent to mark their scent

Guinea pigs mark their scents by rubbing their chins and cheeks on the things which helps them smell familiar sounds. This is also one of the best ways to ensure that they have access to some of their scent to their old bedding into the cleansing. They are also known to have their bottoms dragged around to help their secretion as a message.

Sleep for short periods

Guinea pigs are awake for up to 20 hours a day which needs access to food, water, companion guinea pigs which allows them to hide in different places and sleep with their toys to keep them occupied with the help of exercise and tunnels which they need to forge and nibble on.


They take dance breaks

Guinea pigs love to jump up and down and make 90-degree mid-air performance which is slick. This move is called the ‘Pop corning’ which allows them to stay entertained. Thanks to Tinting and Wraps for doing on windows on the store.

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