Guinea Pig

One of the biggest goals of any pet owner is to make sure that their pet is eating a balanced and healthy diet. Guinea pigs are like all other pets require certain nutrients which allows the guinea pig to lead a healthy life. Here are a few ways you can feed a guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Hay

Guinea pigs love hay as it is good for their digestive and dental health. Gunna pigs should have unlimited access to the hay, which is around three to five times daily. There are different types of hay like timothy hay, alfalfa hay, which is good in calcium and can be used as bedding on your guinea pigs. Try to look for green and soft yellow straws which is one of the best ways to help them have better digestion.

Guinea Pig Hay

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Providing your Guinea pig fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure that you guinea pig has a balanced diet. They are good for the guinea pigs and can allow them to have the right nutrients to help them thrive. You can go-to foods like kale, spinach, parsley, tomatoes, etc.

Guinea pig pellets

If you are still new to deciding the food you are going to feed your guinea pig, guinea pig pellets are the best. Understanding the nutrients involved in the food as it can easily lead to dental and obesity problems if not checked right. Try to look for pellets with vitamin C and avoid anything which has sugar, seeds and muesli feed which is very unhealthy for a guinea pig.

Guinea pig pellets

Vitamin C

Guinea pigs are highly prone to scurvy which is a disease caused by the level of vitamin c. Try to make sure that you are feeding your guinea pig the right quantities of food which has Vitamin c to keep your guinea pig in its best shape. Bell peppers are the best ways to help ensure that your guinea pig enjoys the right amounts of vitamin c. You can also supplement the water with vitamin c for the best results.

Avoid certain foods

They are certain food like potatoes and other starchy food which can be harmful to them if fed regularly. The food to avoid is iceberg lettuce, potatoes, avocado and cabbage. If you are feeding fruits, you need to make sure that you are using small quantities as it can have a lot of sugar which can cause a lot of bladder problems and also diarrhoea. Try to avoid citrus fruits as it can be acidic to a guinea pig. As Guinea pigs are herbivores, they need not be fed meats or any dairy products.

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