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The preference of pets and people.

A Family Pet

An energetic yet simple family pet which is easy to handle as well as playful for people to have around the house. If you want a sign for inside the take can make you a custom one.

Guinea Pig Facts

Size & Appearance

The size and the appearance of a guinea pig is dependent up the breed, and the food you are feeding. It is important that you do your research well before getting your hands on one of these.

Recent Updates

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Breeds — Types Of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the easiest pets as they are easy to care for and can match the needs of your child as they are very active. Guinea pigs, although small, are less fragile than other animals like the ...
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Guinea Pig

How To Feed A Guinea Pig

One of the biggest goals of any pet owner is to make sure that their pet is eating a balanced and healthy diet. Guinea pigs are like all other pets require certain nutrients which allows the guinea pig to lead ...
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Guinea Pigs

Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are some of the most loved pets that people are looking forward to keeping. They are highly social, scent-marking, spinning, etc. They are also some of the most chubby looking animals which make anyone's heart melt. There are ...
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Guinea Pigs

Why Are Guinea Pigs Called Guinea Pigs Or Cavies?

There are many names which are given to guinea pigs like the Cavies, Paco, Zipper, etc. The reason behind their names is much more complicated and are still debatable. The origin of the guinea pig names is majorly linked to ...
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